Bioclimatic Pergola

The bioclimatic pergola is a shading system for homes, hotels and
restaurants, it is a waterproof system and protects from sunlight.


Aluminum Pergola

Bioclimatic aluminum pergola for homes

The Bioclimatic Aluminum Pergola with movable shading blinds has a perimeter waterproofing. The flow of rainwater is done with a special water-collector profile by winding inside the aluminum front columns. Under the pergola there is the possibility to develop perimeter electrical systems of retractable glass windows. Take a few minutes to discover our new products, the innovative technologies on the market, to talk to us about the real needs of your home or business, to suggest solutions, to compare prices and to make a deal.

Πέργκολα Αλουμινίου

Pergola ARF 8002

The aluminum pergola ARF 8002 is a suitable shading system for private and commercial spaces

Pergola SRF 120N

Suitable for private and commercial spaces, the SRF 120N pergola is designed to protect against intense sun, wind and rain

Pergola WRF 7040

The blinds when opened take the position of 65° degrees and are gathered towards the back by 2/3 of the pergola

The ARF8002 two-movement aluminum pergola offers completely customized solutions as well as one hundred percent tightness. Its blinds retract or rotate, depending on your preference and weather conditions. For 45 years, Inox Nossis has always been the protagonist of an advanced connection to the external environment. This allowed her to create innovative solutions such as pergolas, shading systems, retractable windows, constructions that have revolutionized the way of experiencing outdoor living spaces. Faithful to our vision and respect for our tradition, we move forward with new innovative products responding to the environmental goals and the modern needs of our customers. For these reasons we create and propose the bioclimatic pergola.

Πέργκολα Αλουμινίου