Balcony System

Balcony System provide protection from wind and rain with an easy opening and closing of the glass sheets.

The flexibility of the system comes from the unlimited number of sheets that can be used, as well as that each of them can be isolated from the rest and stored in a space. Particularly durable in everyday use, giving a completely different tone to your spaces with the anodized aluminum surface. Each sheet has an upper and lower aluminum profile to hold the crystal.

Movable Glass Partitions

Each door locks with floor locks or latches. The dimensions of the crystals can be adjusted depending on the morphology of the floor and any other peculiarities of each installation. Each panel is autonomous and can be configured as a drop-down so that it functions as an entrance.

Aluminum profiles can be painted with natural anodizing and RAL painting from an inexhaustible range of colors. The sealing between the doors is achieved with polycarbonate or aluminum fittings, while the sealing between the doors and the wall is achieved with vertical aluminum fittings which have a synthetic insulating brush.