Shading System

Electric Ceiling Curtain

The electric ceiling curtain is based on ergonomic construction with a technical zipper. It has many choices of fabrics, impervious to wind, rain and water. In addition, it allows visual communication with the outside space thanks to its transparent composition (crystal surface).

The roof curtain system requires minimal maintenance and we, as manufacturers, provide a five-year warranty that covers any damage that may occur from normal use and maintenance.

  • Easily adapts to any window surface. The special roller is powered by a Somfy electric motor with a single push of a button and adds shading around the pergola, especially in low sun positions.
  • It is possible to connect the electric controller with various automated home systems.

  • Available in a unique variety of colors, which helps to configure with perfect match in the shades of either a house or the facade of an office building.
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics, impervious to wind and rain, but which allow visual contact with the outside environment thanks to their transparent composition (crystal surface)

Πέργκολα Αλουμινίου

  • The above colors are typical Ral colors
  • You can call us for non-standard Ral colors and for any information
Πέργκολα Αλουμινίου