Single Glass

The sliding system can be used in your commercial properties or permanent residences. You can enjoy the great outdoors without being affected by the weather and without getting in the way of the beautiful panoramic view. The useful space you get in this way can be completely opened in the summer, when the weather is good, in a much easier and simpler way than you think.

All our systems are designed for easy operation and our sliding systems adapt to the most diverse, individual needs. Sliding windows combine maximum practicality with style and aesthetics. Easy to install, practical to open and close. It is the most suitable manual product for an outdoor area.

  • The configuration options are: with three cards or having a combination of two systems we reach six cards.
  • The largest sheet  is 1.30 meters and height 3 metres for single crystal, something that makes us think that the rollers are enough to withstand the weight of the crystal.
  • The stainless steel guide provides the perfect movement with minimal effort and increases the lifetime of the wheels without affecting the environmental conditions.
  • The wheels can be raised – adjusted over 5mm for each type in order to meet structural requirements.
  • The cards in the system are drawn as one card as the first card drags the rest.
  • Caps are placed on the sides of the driver in order to transport the accumulated water to the outside.

• System integrity with invisible screws enhances simplicity in design
• Windows allow sunlight to enter, providing natural lighting and saving energy
• Due to the stainless steel guide, the construction is more durable and lasts longer
• Seasonal influences make the product more useful with single and insulated glass options.
• Since the windows move horizontally, furniture, flower pots can be placed in front of the system
• Inputs and outputs exist on each side of the system.
• Ral color

  • Aluminium: the materials used – glass and aluminum – are of the highest quality. All the aluminum we use in our systems is made from premium quality t6 6063 alloys. Aluminum is not only anti-corrosive and light, but also durable. With these characteristics, aluminum is the best material for sliding systems.
  • Crystal: offers a good amount of light and maximum transparency. It meets the requirements of energy consciousness and represents the design of an open space. The glass can be single (10mm) or double (5+12+5mm) and the type of glass can be triple or security.
  • Rolls: rolls as carriers are placed at the lowest point of the sheets on both sides. Easy to integrate into the correct position on the guide during installation thanks to the shaped screw.
  • Color options: a variety of coating color options, high quality. Pop-up or in any real color for aluminum, thus allowing customers to configure their own sliding system. It is possible to choose a shade for the crystal, such as fame, pongee, transparent, etc.
  • Stainless steel guide: the top of the guide is covered with steel to increase abrasion resistance and provides a smooth opening when opening and closing the leaves.
  • Sealing: to achieve complete protection against wind and rain plc sealing is applied. that joins the leaves together.
Πέργκολα Αλουμινίου

3 Rail System

Maximum Panel Width 1200mm
Maximum Panel Height 3000mm

5 Rail System

Maximum Panel Width 1200mm
Maximum Panel Height 3000mm
Επάλληλα Συρόμενα

The sliding system fits into any architectural context protecting the area from rain, wind and cold. With a variety of possible combinations, you can easily choose the most suitable layout for your space. A strong aluminum profile, secret glazing and two side locks provide security against robbers and any complications.

The sliding system offers a wide range of options for every application, thermally insulated or not, as well as many options for closing the doors with a key. The knob is easy to grip to slide the system. The configuration can include three, four or five cards with a maximum of six, eight or ten cards respectively, with central or side openings.