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Outdoor Areas

Glass Manual Windbreak

The Glass Windbreak Panel are manual and offer a windbreak. They have a fixed glass and a moving glass. The movable glass is raised with gas bottles and reaches a height of 1.85. Aluminum profiles are not inserted between the fixed and the moving glass, offering great visibility.

We offer the following ready-made dimensions:
Height: 185cm
Width: 125cm -145cm – 155cm – 175cm – 185cm

Glass Safety Advantages

The windows that are installed in our manual windshields are very safe in the blows. Their specifications are 4 + 4 securit and triplex and safety membranes are inserted between them.

Description Glass Windbreaker
Material Aluminum & Glass
Windshield Width min: 80 cm – max: 185 cm
Windshield Height 110 cm fixed lower part / 185 cm in an elevated position
Glasses Thickness 4+4 mm securit και triplex

The Glass Windbreak Panel are a wind shield system with a dynamic design that stands out for its functionality, allowing the maximum diffusion of light in the indoor environment. It is an ideal solution for restaurants and outdoor stores.

Fixed Glass Windbreak

Glass fixed Windbreak, for the construction of these systems we have the aluminum profile in a length of 6m where it is possible for everyone to build these systems according to the needs and the desired dimensions.

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